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Why Organic

Pure & Natural Comfort

Experience the epitome of luxury with our mattresses, meticulously crafted using premium organic materials to create a natural sleep haven. Renowned for its longevity compared to synthetic alternatives, SAFRON mattresses seamlessly combine durability with unparalleled comfort.

How are Safron Organic Mattresses Made?

Organic Cotton

We use the finest GOTS certified biodegradable cotton, meticulously chosen for quality Our pesticide-free cotton and specially designed cover offers a plush and secure sleeping experience.

Organic Latex

GOLS certified natural latex significantly outlasts traditional foam, provides thermal regulation for a cooling effect, is hypoallergenic and is resistant to dust mites, mold, and other allergens

Organic Wool

We use untreated natural wool to meet safety standards for flammability Wool has moisture wicking properties for temperature regulation and is naturally anti-microbial

Individually wrapped pressure relief system

Handtufted and crafted sustainably

No Chemicals, Adhesives, chemical flame retardants.


Layers of comfort


GOTS Certified Organic Cover

Our certified cotton cover provides an ultra-soft and breathable sleeping surface and dissipates heat


Organic Wool Quilt layer

Natural New Zealand wool acts as a natural fire retardant, allowing us to limit the use of synthetic alternatives



Each mattress has durable organic Dunlop latex
Our latex comes from certified farms using the most sustainable practices


Pocketed Coil Base Technology

Dense pocketed spring coils provide unparalleled support and limit motion transfer. Each coil is individually wrapped to give the best motion isolation


firm edge support

Extra firm perimeter prevents flattening when sitting on the edge and prevents the roll off feeling

Pure. Certified. Excellence.

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