Meet India’s first organic luxury Mattress

We understand the importance of a good night's sleep in enhancing overall well-being, and our commitment is to provide you with an extraordinary sleep sanctuary

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The Safron story

From the Founders’ Desk

In 2024, Safron was launched- a company dedicated to crafting luxurious, eco-friendly mattresses made from pure and natural organic materials. "We wanted to create a healthy, sustainable sleep sanctuary for both kids and adults alike,” Ritu explains. "Something completely free of harsh chemicals that could impact one's sleep and wellbeing.

Our founders scientific background guided material selection and the design process, focusing on breathability, temperature regulation, and premium comfort layers. In addition,Ritu tapped into their her customer expertise to educate consumers on the health benefits of toxin-free sleep products for kids and adults through engaging content and thoughtful customer support. Their passion for healthy living created the perfect symbiosis to introduce the path breaking mattress industry.

Sustainability is at Safron’s core. Their organic mattresses are made from pure natural materials. The mattresses that are lovingly handcrafted in with latex, wool, and cotton sourced from ethical suppliers. For every mattress sold, the company plants trees to offset carbon emissions. Customers can sleep easy knowing they own an organic mattress while supporting environmental preservation.

The company's "Bed-in-a-Box" design coupled with a 100-night sleep trial has gained a cult following amongst eco-conscious consumers. Customer endorsements have bolstered their rapid growth as well. However, the sisters find their greatest joy comes from the positive reviews from satisfied sleepers benefiting from their pure, natural products.

Safron is not just selling mattresses – they're championing conscious living and a good night's sleep for all. It is making the world a little greener, and allowing everyone to wake up refreshed in nature's embrace and providing a restorative and organic sleep experience

How are Safron Organic Mattresses Made?

Organic Cotton

We use finest quality of biodegradable cotton. Our cotton is not treated with any kind of pesticide and is completely organic

Organic Latex

We are GOLS certified which ensures our latex is made of more than 95% organic certified raw material.Natural Dunlop latex significantly outlasts traditional foam, enhancing product longevity and reducing waste.

Organic Wool

We use untreated natural Wool to meet the safety standards for flammability. This acts as a natural approach to fire retardancy.

Individually wrapped pressure relief system

Handtufted and crafted sustainably

No Chemicals, Adhesives, chemical flame retardants, pesticides

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